Cottagecore Lesbians and the Landdyke Legacy

Cottagecore is the aesthetic buzzword of 2020, and cottagecore lesbians are in abundance. It’s rooted in many things, and is currently taking many forms, but it’s the link to lesbian culture and lesbian modes of dressing that I want to discuss here. There are links between cottagecore and so many manifestations of lesbian existence –Continue reading “Cottagecore Lesbians and the Landdyke Legacy”

Subverting Pink

I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on the ways that pink has been reclaimed within queer clothing, by women loving women and trans and non-binary individuals. This is a topic that I have reframed for conference papers and a journal submission (which hasn’t been published yet, so this blog post is going to be slightly moreContinue reading “Subverting Pink”

From Anne Lister’s Closet: the LBD (Lesbian Black Dress)

Anne Lister (1791-1840) is known to us, in the 21st century, as being the first modern lesbian. She is known as a diarist, an entrepreneur, a woman who “married” another woman and wrote all about it in code. Considerable works have analysed the writings that she left behind after her death, and since 1988 andContinue reading “From Anne Lister’s Closet: the LBD (Lesbian Black Dress)”

Introducing Dressing Dykes

Lesbian fashion history is a field of study that is largely ignored, and it is time for this to change. Within LGBTQ histories and fashion histories, the dress of lesbianism is invisible (alongside lesbianism itself the majority of the time). Clothing has so much to tell us and so much of an impact can beContinue reading “Introducing Dressing Dykes”