Leather Jackets, Army Boots: 1980s Rebel Dyke Fashion

The Rebel Dykes were the forgotten lesbian punks of 1980s London, whose lives have been documented by members of the community in an upcoming film as well as a history project. The term “Rebel Dykes” was made up by the filmmakers, but it encapsulates the ferocity, the difference and the unashamed lesbian-ness of various communities,Continue reading “Leather Jackets, Army Boots: 1980s Rebel Dyke Fashion”

Cottagecore Lesbians and the Landdyke Legacy

Cottagecore is the aesthetic buzzword of 2020, and cottagecore lesbians are in abundance. It’s rooted in many things, and is currently taking many forms, but it’s the link to lesbian culture and lesbian modes of dressing that I want to discuss here. There are links between cottagecore and so many manifestations of lesbian existence –Continue reading “Cottagecore Lesbians and the Landdyke Legacy”