Clothing Culture at the Lesbian Conference

If you’ve been reading Dressing Dykes for a while, you might have noticed that it’s been quiet here for the past couple of months. While I’ve been posting more frequently on Instagram and TikTok, full articles take a lot of time and research and my time has been taken up by spreading the history ofContinue reading “Clothing Culture at the Lesbian Conference”

From Ugly to Chic: Lesbians and Dungarees

Dungarees – or overalls – have lived many lives. The word “dungarees” originally referred to the fabric that was first used for them, which came from the Indian village of Dongri and was named “dungri.” When, necessitated by the industrial revolution and enabled by the British Empire, the fabric was exported to England to beContinue reading “From Ugly to Chic: Lesbians and Dungarees”

Rainbow Capitalism and the Appropriation of Lesbian Imagery

Once again, it’s Pride Month – and rather than protesting the continued mistreatment of LGBTQ people around the world, we are encouraged to consume. Big businesses change their logos to the colours of the rainbow and release Pride “themed” ranges, and this is supposed to placate us, distract from the multiple conglomerates whose profits fundContinue reading “Rainbow Capitalism and the Appropriation of Lesbian Imagery”

Lez Accessorise: Carabiners and Rings as Lesbian Signals

“What does a lesbian look like?” feels like an age-old question – or, to be more realistic, a decades-old question. With Dressing Dykes, I hope that I answer it at least regarding specific individuals, or lesbian styles at particular times and places throughout history. However, lesbianism exists in the heart, the mind and the bodyContinue reading “Lez Accessorise: Carabiners and Rings as Lesbian Signals”

Lesbian Fashion, Solidarity, and our Queer Siblings

Fashion can be a way to not just assert our own identity and presence, but reach out to others. To me, when lesbian fashion is at its most powerful is when it is unavoidable – when it cannot be denied. For this reason, I have extensively researched lesbian slogan/activist t-shirts. They are a way forContinue reading “Lesbian Fashion, Solidarity, and our Queer Siblings”

The Long-Lasting Legacy of Lesbian Button Badges

If there’s anything that unites queer people across the wide expanse of the internet, it could very well be some form of badge, button, or pin. In the context of lesbian fashion history, badges have held a prominent role over the last 50 years. Unlike most other items of clothing worn by lesbians that mayContinue reading “The Long-Lasting Legacy of Lesbian Button Badges”

Two White Dresses: The Fashion of Lesbian Weddings

Legal marriages between women may be new in many countries, but lesbian marriage in all but law has existed for hundreds of years. I say lesbian because this blog focuses on the specific clothing experiences of lesbians; I do recognise, however, that most women historically would not have had this terminology, and that many womenContinue reading “Two White Dresses: The Fashion of Lesbian Weddings”

Assertion: Sensible Footwear is Lesbian Camp

This post was born from thoughts about the stereotypes and signifiers of lesbianism and lesbian fashion. I think that these two things – stereotypes and signifiers – are related, but definitely not the same when placed in the lesbian context. While some things may be and remain stereotypes, they do not always work as signifiers,Continue reading “Assertion: Sensible Footwear is Lesbian Camp”

Cottagecore Lesbians and the Landdyke Legacy

Cottagecore is the aesthetic buzzword of 2020, and cottagecore lesbians are in abundance. It’s rooted in many things, and is currently taking many forms, but it’s the link to lesbian culture and lesbian modes of dressing that I want to discuss here. There are links between cottagecore and so many manifestations of lesbian existence –Continue reading “Cottagecore Lesbians and the Landdyke Legacy”

Subverting Pink

I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on the ways that pink has been reclaimed within queer clothing, by women loving women and trans and non-binary individuals. This is a topic that I have reframed for conference papers and a journal submission (which hasn’t been published yet, so this blog post is going to be slightly moreContinue reading “Subverting Pink”