From Anne Lister’s Closet: Top Hats or Bonnets?

When studying the history of lesbian fashion, someone who I come back to again and again is Anne Lister. This is because of the wealth of evidence that she left behind, not just of the clothes that she wore but how she felt about them, from the perspective of a woman who we know lovedContinue reading “From Anne Lister’s Closet: Top Hats or Bonnets?”

From Anne Lister’s Closet: Gentlemen’s Accessories as Lesbian Fashion

This is the second post about Anne Lister on Dressing Dykes. To find out more about her through the lens of her always-black clothing, as well as my argument for calling her a lesbian long before the term was in the popular vernacular, look at ‘From Anne Lister’s Closet: The LBD (Lesbian Black Dress).’ ThisContinue reading “From Anne Lister’s Closet: Gentlemen’s Accessories as Lesbian Fashion”

Lesbians on Stage: Costumes and Cross-Dressing

Lesbians and other women-loving-women have for a long time had the ability to hide in plain sight by taking to the public stage. When women were expected to only dress in skirts, a trousered role was a break – if one oriented in fantasy and performance – from the norm of heterosexual femininity. Playing aContinue reading “Lesbians on Stage: Costumes and Cross-Dressing”

From Anne Lister’s Closet: the LBD (Lesbian Black Dress)

Anne Lister (1791-1840) is known to us, in the 21st century, as being the first modern lesbian. She is known as a diarist, an entrepreneur, a woman who “married” another woman and wrote all about it in code. Considerable works have analysed the writings that she left behind after her death, and since 1988 andContinue reading “From Anne Lister’s Closet: the LBD (Lesbian Black Dress)”