Lez Accessorise: Carabiners and Rings as Lesbian Signals

“What does a lesbian look like?” feels like an age-old question – or, to be more realistic, a decades-old question. With Dressing Dykes, I hope that I answer it at least regarding specific individuals, or lesbian styles at particular times and places throughout history. However, lesbianism exists in the heart, the mind and the bodyContinue reading “Lez Accessorise: Carabiners and Rings as Lesbian Signals”

Two White Dresses: The Fashion of Lesbian Weddings

Legal marriages between women may be new in many countries, but lesbian marriage in all but law has existed for hundreds of years. I say lesbian because this blog focuses on the specific clothing experiences of lesbians; I do recognise, however, that most women historically would not have had this terminology, and that many womenContinue reading “Two White Dresses: The Fashion of Lesbian Weddings”