From Anne Lister’s Closet: Gentlemen’s Accessories as Lesbian Fashion

This is the second post about Anne Lister on Dressing Dykes. To find out more about her through the lens of her always-black clothing, as well as my argument for calling her a lesbian long before the term was in the popular vernacular, look at ‘From Anne Lister’s Closet: The LBD (Lesbian Black Dress).’ ThisContinue reading “From Anne Lister’s Closet: Gentlemen’s Accessories as Lesbian Fashion”

The Long-Lasting Legacy of Lesbian Button Badges

If there’s anything that unites queer people across the wide expanse of the internet, it could very well be some form of badge, button, or pin. In the context of lesbian fashion history, badges have held a prominent role over the last 50 years. Unlike most other items of clothing worn by lesbians that mayContinue reading “The Long-Lasting Legacy of Lesbian Button Badges”