Femme Chronology: 1950s Bar Lesbians and 2020s Retro Dykes

Lesbian fashion is, by default, not constrained by a masculine/feminine binary. While some people or styles may find themselves drawn more to one or the other, lesbian fashion in general – much like lesbianism itself – is broad and boundary-breaking. Even more traditional butch and femme fashions are displaced from the “masculine” and “feminine” ofContinue reading “Femme Chronology: 1950s Bar Lesbians and 2020s Retro Dykes”

Lesbians on Stage: Costumes and Cross-Dressing

Lesbians and other women-loving-women have for a long time had the ability to hide in plain sight by taking to the public stage. When women were expected to only dress in skirts, a trousered role was a break – if one oriented in fantasy and performance – from the norm of heterosexual femininity. Playing aContinue reading “Lesbians on Stage: Costumes and Cross-Dressing”

Assertion: Sensible Footwear is Lesbian Camp

This post was born from thoughts about the stereotypes and signifiers of lesbianism and lesbian fashion. I think that these two things – stereotypes and signifiers – are related, but definitely not the same when placed in the lesbian context. While some things may be and remain stereotypes, they do not always work as signifiers,Continue reading “Assertion: Sensible Footwear is Lesbian Camp”