Lesbian Rebellion and the Lavender Menace

The Lavender Menace, which later reformed as Radicalesbians, was a group of lesbian feminist activists. It was created as a response to famous feminist author Betty Friedan’s assertion that lesbians were a “lavender menace” and that they would undermine the women’s movement. Her statement led to the exclusion of lesbians and lesbian issues from theContinue reading “Lesbian Rebellion and the Lavender Menace”

Black Butch Wonder: The Clothing of Stormé Delarverie

There are many stories, opinions and think-pieces about Stormé Delarverie floating around the internet, many of them arguing what her role was in the Stonewall uprisings of 1969 or, more recently, her pronouns/gender identity. As a precursor to this post, I want to state that I have thought about these discourses and, as Delarverie wasContinue reading “Black Butch Wonder: The Clothing of Stormé Delarverie”

From Anne Lister’s Closet: the LBD (Lesbian Black Dress)

Anne Lister (1791-1840) is known to us, in the 21st century, as being the first modern lesbian. She is known as a diarist, an entrepreneur, a woman who “married” another woman and wrote all about it in code. Considerable works have analysed the writings that she left behind after her death, and since 1988 andContinue reading “From Anne Lister’s Closet: the LBD (Lesbian Black Dress)”